? 10 Summer Nail Polish Picks ?

Summer is by far my favorite season, I live for summer and anticipate its arrival each year. As we all know, nail polish is one of my biggest obsessions. Each summer I tend to gravitate towards different nail polishes more than others. These change depending on my mood, outfit, current style taste, and activities. I thought it would be fun to share with you guys ten of my favorite polishes this season.

China Glaze

Turned Up Turquoise, Sun Worshiper, Gothic Lolita, Flip Flop Fantasy

Turned Up Turquoise
This polish is such a beautiful green toned turquoise, it honestly shocks me every time I put it on my nails. The formulation of this polish is also great, it goes on smoothly and after a few coats resembles gel nails. The depth of this color is incredible and leaves me staring at my hands. Love love love this color!

Sun Worshiper
Sun Worshiper is another polish that I absolutely love for summer. It is a really pretty yellow-orange color and has the same formulation as Turned Up Turquoise.

Gothic Lolita 
Strangely enough, Gothic Lolita does not have the same formulation as the other three China Glaze nail polishes I mention in this post. For some reason, this polish never goes on smooth for me. Also, this color is so much thinner than the other three. It almost seems as though it runs off my nails and onto my fingers and cuticles while applying it. So by saying all this, this polish sounds like a huge turn-off, which is not my intention. I just honestly do not understand how this polish is so much different than the others. That being said, the color of this nail polish is absolutely gorgeous! I have yet to find a purple from another brand that is this same color which is why I continue to use it. It is really the perfect  bright purple for summer!

Flip Flop Fantasy
Flip Flop Fantasy is up there with Turned Up Turquoise in terms of color. This polish is so beautiful and vibrant I can't help but stare at it. It lasts for days on my nails and is one of my top three summer nail polishes of ALL TIME. Now that is saying a lot.

Butter London


This picture definitely does not do the polish justice. Let me tell you, this is one of the prettiest colors I own (and I have A LOT of nail polish). Trustafarian is a very light lime green color. This is a shimmery polish and after about three coats leaves your nails covered in a beautiful, delicate sparkly goodness!

Orly FX

Rose Pixel

Rose Pixel
This is a clear polish filled with chunky glitter in different shapes and sizes. The color looks exactly as it sounds, like rose gold. Personally, I always put this polish over a solid color like white or light pink/mauve. This is how I get the most color pay off without loading twenty coats of polish onto my nails. This color looks classy yet fun and is perfect for summer months when it can sparkle in the sunlight!

Revlon Colorstay


Now, if you are looking for more of a classic orange that is not neon or pastel, Sorbet is the color for you. This is a true orange and goes on the nails so smooth. With just one or two coats, you get a nice opaque finish. I love the Revlon Colorstay polishes because they go on quickly and last much longer than other brands!


In The Cab-ana, As Gold As It Gets, Turquoise & Caicos

In The Cab-ana
Okay, let me start off by saying this nail polish was SO hard to find, I am probably the last person on the planet able to get my hands on it. Moving on, I am obsessed with this polish! Yes, I have it on my nails now and most likely will for the next week. Essie continues to be one of my favorite nail polish brands. Although their nail polishes don't last as long as other brands on my nails, they have the most beautiful colors. This color is honestly, the perfect summer blue. It compliments my skin tone so well and with just one coat was completely opaque. I could probably go on for days about this color, but I will spare you. Of course, I cannot wait to pick up the rest of this year's Resort Collection... Essie has done it again!

As Gold As It Gets
I tend to refer to this color as a top coat. Of course I always put a true top coat over this color, but it it a polish that is (for me) only worn over another color. I don't like to be able to see the whites of my nails through my nail polish, and this color, even with numerous coats, would never be enough coverage to cover them. So, I stick to layering with this one. I find that it looks great over both In The Cab-ana and Turquoise & Caicos to spruce them up a bit and make my nails extra summery!

Turquoise & Caicos
This is one of my go-to colors for all seasons. I have found that I end up wearing it all year round, and it is really just an overall perfect turquoise color. It is a nice pastel shade and looks calm and pretty. I like to wear this on days when I'm feeling a little less in-your-face but still want a non-neutral color on my nails.

Check out my 10 Summer Nail Polish Picks video:

What are your favorite summer nail polishes?

Xo, Suzanna