Keeping Track of Finances | Free Worksheet!


In my recent New Goals post, I mentioned that I want to start keeping track of my blog/business finances. I knew that if I made it easy for myself to do, I would be more likely to keep up on it. Naturally, I scoured the internet looking for a way to do this. What I found were loads of programs and software, as well as complicated spreadsheets.

As a person that learns best visually and physically, I have never been able to use an online calendar or note taking program. So I knew right away I would need a physical form, that I could stow away in a binder and have right there in front of me when I need it. I can also admit, that I like when things are pretty. But who doesn't right? Well, every spreadsheet I found online looked as though it was made twenty years ago.

So, I sat down one day and whipped this thing up. Obviously, I knew that there had to be others out there that felt the same way I did and would benefit from this worksheet as well! Which brings me to announcing my very first free worksheet! Yes, that is right, it is completely free, as my gift to you.

The worksheet has a space to record which blog (in case you have multiple) that you are keeping track of, as well as a space for the month and the year. If you have a smaller blog that you do not have too many expenses for, skip the space for the month and use it all year long! At the bottom of the sheet there is a space for the total so you know at a glance how much you spent in previous months. Keeping track of finances is such an important part of running a successful business.


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I would love to continue creating helpful tools to share with you. Are there any in particular that you would love to see? Let me know in the comments!

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