5 Ways to Make it Feel Like Spring When It's Not Sunny and 75

Now, keep in mind that I'm a California girl. I know some of you have to deal with temperatures in spring that are freezing (literally) and snow. Growing up in Southern California, spring to me is high 80 degrees with little-to-no wind and LOTS of sun! Sounds perfect, right? It is! For the past 5 years I've been living in Monterey where the weather is not quite as nice. It will look nice, sunny and 75 (ahem, Joe Nichols), and perfect for a day outside. I live on the beach, so this is deceiving. Especially when I walk outside and it's low 50's (and the sun is no where to be seen). Like, WHAT? This is spring in California... no thank you! 

So today, I wanted to share a few things I do to pretend it really is spring - sunny and 75.

Iced Coffee. I love to go to my favorite indoor coffee shops and order an iced drink. Usually, it's warm inside and they may even have the heater on, so ordering a cold drink is no problem! I'll go with friends, order an iced coffee or iced latte, and talk about the fun plans we've made for summer, or the trips we want to take. So much fun!!

Beach Bonfire. Go to the beach with friends and have a bonfire! Being on the beach always feels like spring/summer to me, plus the cold sand between my toes is the best. So make a bonfire and enjoy the beach with the warmth of the fire!

Car Picnic. This one is funny, but actually super fun! Get your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, momma, anyone, and pack your favorite spring time snacks (grapes, cucumber sandwiches, iced tea, etc.). Drive to your favorite spot overlooking the city, the beach, or whatever is close to your house. Then, scoot your seat all the way back (so you have lots of leg room), get comfortable, turn on your favorite warm weather music, and have a car picnic! It sounds silly, but if you go with friends, you can spread out in the car, fold seats down, and have so much fun!

Fake it. Fill your house will beautiful spring bouquets, go shopping for your spring style essentials, wear your dresses around the house, make iced drinks, blast that music, open the blinds and let the light in, and pretend it's sunny and 75 out there!!

Pinterest. Of course, you can always pin all your favorite spring reminders on Pinterest, from the warmth of your home. I like to pin iced drinks, spring cocktails, fun camping locations, sunny day activities, colorful florals, and my favorite spring styles! 

What do you do when the weather is chillier than it should be for spring? Get those ideas out in the comments below!

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