52 Weeks of Me

Hey there, friends! I'm so excited to share something I have been working on with you today - 52 Weeks of Me! This year-long project is a mix between a personal album and a self-celebration album (is that even a thing?) In the future this will become a workshop I offer through The Creatives Club, but I thought "why not let you guys come along on the development journey with me?!"


Now let's get to the details.

What is it?

52 Weeks of Me is a year-long documenting project that will focus on recording the little details that make you, YOU, over the course of a year. Each week you will receive an email with that week's themes to help you decide what to document, tips on how to make the most of this project, and more!

What do I need to participate?

You can make this as simple or as intricate as you would like. Whether you use a notebook and pencil, loose pages and your kid's markers, a paper crafting album, or a scrapbook - this project will work for you!

What is the purpose?

So often we remind ourselves of all the things that we dislike about ourselves, or all the ways we are unlike who we wish we were. I'm totally guilty of this, and sometimes I look back on myself a year ago, three years ago, or ten years ago and see all the ways I disappointed myself and the things I wish I did differently, instead of the things I loved about myself. This project is meant to document the real you where you are now, and how you change throughout the year, but also the things that are special about you, that you like about yourself, and the little moments you think to yourself "Go me!"

You may be thinking "What if I don't really like myself?" Oh friend, I know that feeling SO well. That is actually what prompted me to start this project. As someone that suffers from severe depression and anxiety, I often dislike myself. I find it hard to take a compliment, and when I try to think about the things I like about myself, it's hard... really hard. But I'm slowly trying to show myself that it's OKAY to think "Wow, I look pretty today!" or "Dang, I totally nailed that! YES!" or "I am so good at _________!" Seriously... those thoughts are more than okay and I encourage them! They don't make you vain or egotistical, they show that you are proud of yourself, and if you're like me... that you are GROWING and healing!

Moving on from that, this project is also about pushing yourself creatively. In the weekly emails, I will encourage you to try new mediums, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and experiment with techniques you admire from other artists. This project is 100% about you, for you, and done with a community that is WITH YOU!

Why should you join?

If the reasons above don't resonate with you, that's totally fine - you may have other reasons for participating and I encourage that! But know that this is the only time this will be offered for free. I am inviting you along for the development process of this project while I transform it into a full workshop. You'll receive less information than if you take the workshop, but you'll still receive a ton of materials and support, plus freebies that I'll be offering in the workshop and will need feedback for!

How do I participate?

Signing up is simple, just click here and sign up through the form! When this project starts on July 1st, you'll also receive a link to a private Facebook group with everyone that is participating in the project! Along with that, you can follow along on Instagram using the hashtag #52weeksofme

I cannot wait to share this with y'all and support you over the course of the project!

xo, Suzanna