A Guy's Perspective: HYD for Men Review!

I am excited to announce the very first men's product review on Zoso Lights! With the help of Cody, we are giving you a review from a men's perspective. In the future, we would like to do more of these. If you have any particular products you would like us to review, please let us know!

Today's review is on HYD for Men Shaving Cream and Buffer Stick*. When we received this product, one of the first things I personally noticed was the packing. I tend to be attracted to simple packing, and this has just that.

Cody really enjoys shaving. His favorite products are from the store The Art of Shaving, and he really knows a lot about what he is looking for in a product. That is why I was really happy this is the first product we reviewed.

His very first comment was about the nice packaging. Like me, he enjoyed how simple it was. The colors (black and silver) look great together, especially for this type of product. 

First, he tried out the buffer stick. This is used to remove any dead skin and prep the skin before shaving. Upon using this, he first noticed the smell. While the smell is not pleasant, it is definitely not unbearable. In addition, he was not fond of the abrasive texture, as he prefers to exfoliate with a badger brush as it is more sensitive to the skin. Overall, he was not fond of the buffer stick because it did not suit his skin type. 

Next, he tried out the shave cream. Again, the first thing he noticed was the smell, however, this product he said, smelled much worse than the first. This says very clearly on the box that it is a low lather cream. Unfortunately, Cody is not fond of low lather creams so he wasn't crazy about this, but it did the job. Overall, he personally did not like the two products as they don't suit his skin type or his preferences. He did not feel as though they made his skin extremely soft as they claim, and ware just average products. 

With that being said, many of the reasons Cody did not like these products was due to personal preference. If you were reading this thinking "I love low lather shave creams" or "I don't have sensitive skin at all", this may be for you! HYD for Men is available for purchase here, and as a special offer you can receive 20% off your first purchase by using the code SAVE20 at checkout!

Have you tried HYD for Men? What are some of your favorite shaving products?

Xo, Suzanna

*Products marked with an asterisk were sent to me for editorial consideration. See 'About' page for more information.