A Week of Maui Sunsets

Last month, Cody and I went to Maui with his parents for a beginning-of-summer vacation and graduation celebration. It was so much fun! When we go to Hawaii with his parents, his mom and I like to take photos of the sunset each night. We're a little obsessed and it gets quite excessive, but we love it! I love looking back at the photos and thought it would be fun to share our week in sunsets with you!

We found a few spots we liked and returned to them quite often for our daily sunset photo. We also didn't take them at the same time each night, so we captured all variations of the sunset! I snapped these photos with my iPhone, so while they are not the best quality, they definitely show what a beauty this island is! Some of them didn't quite make it into the post, but these ones are my favorites!

I absolutely love Maui and walking along the beach with this view each night just makes that love grow stronger! Follow along with our travel adventures on Instagram! Next, we're headed to San Diego for 4th of July weekend!