At This Moment | June 2014

This is my first post of this kind. Looking back, I have always kept things pretty formal around here as far as posts go. After thinking about it, I'm not sure why I haven't done a creative post like this. After all, my blog is my creative space. So! Here it is, a spur-of-the-moment At This Moment post, with a little update.

Things have been incredibly hectic around here recently. To keep myself motivated to power through things, I encourage myself with fun little sayings like the one above. I repeat them in my head and get things done! I'll be sprinkling these around the blog, here and there, to hopefully give you a little push as well. We're in this together, I promise!

At this very moment, I am…

Writing / at my brand new desk. Boy is it nice to no longer work from the couch/floor!
Drinking / water. Gotta get my 64oz in.
Listening / to Almost Famous, playing in the background.
Dreaming / of traveling. Whitney Blake's post of her trip to Rome has me in a complete state of wanderlust.
Inspired / by the incredible friends I have met through blogging.
Planning / my trip to Texas for Circles Conference. It is coming up fast.
Loving / my new Fit Bit One. The sleep tracking feature is so neat! Practicing / staying motivated, even when feeling overwhelmed.
Mastering / Squarespace, and falling more and more in love with it. Such a neat platform!
Learning / to set working hours, so I have time to experience life!
Reading / The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, and loving it!! Remembering / to relax. Time for yourself is always needed, no matter who you are or how busy your life is.
Wanting / to step up my blogging game!
Working / on something really exciting! (But I can't share, just yet) :)
Excited / for the exciting things I have coming up for my blog and The Creatives Club.

I love that this post emphasizes the positives. Taking the time to think about each of these things, and share how I am practicing them at this moment, makes me so excited for the things that are coming!

The inspiration for this post came from Trina over at Of Trees and Hues. Her blog is one of my absolute favorites, so be sure to read her At This Moment post!

Now it is your turn: Write your own At This Moment post, or share your answers in the comments!