Blogger Babes | July 2013

There are so many awesome blogs out there! Today I wanted to share with you the blogs I read obsessively all throughout the month of July (In no specific order).

1. Amarixe | The photos Allison posts are bright and full of summer. Her blog is always so positive, and she is not afraid to give her honest opinions of the products she reviews. Her blog reminds me of... sunshine!

2. The Dauphine | The Dauphine is one that I go to when I am in the need for a relaxing, calming read. I find her blog so soothing and lovely, and the best after a hectic day at work or school. Chelsea's blog makes me think of... tights and combat boots with a hand full of wildflowers!

3. Essie Button | This blog is one that I constantly find myself going to. Estée is located in England and is always introducing me to new products that I am excited to try. Her blog takes me to... coffee and cozy sweaters on an Autumn day!

4. Dreaming In Blush | Everything about Dreaming In Blush brings a smile to my face. Elle has such a contagiously positive personality which shows in each and every one of her posts. I love that she tells stories in her posts instead of simply reviewing a product, and that she makes all of her posts so relatable. D.I.B reminds me of... friendship!

Do yourself a favor and head over to these blogs, you will be hooked!

What are some of your favorite blogs?

Xo, Suzanna