Carry-On Travel Essentials

I love to travel! But if I don't have stuff to keep me occupied, I get grouchy and irritated really quickly. Sometimes I feel like my daily purse is a carry-on, filled with stuff to keep my occupied. haha. I pack a carry-on for flights (obviously), but also for long car trip or train rides! I thought it would be fun to share a few things that I love to bring to make the time fly by! (Get it? HA!)

Planner - I bring my planner everywhere, so this probably isn't that surprising. A long flight (especially one where wifi isn't available) is the perfect time to catch up on planning. I always feel more confident and prepared going into the days ahead when I have a strong understanding of what I have to accomplish and by when.

Rechargeable Battery Pack - I use my phone and iPad a lot ( I mean, A LOT). Probably more than I should. But there's always a photo to post, a tweet to schedule, a post to comment on, etc. The batteries on these things, especially my phone, only last a few hours. So having an easy way to recharge them on the go is a life saver!

Comfortable Head Phones - On long flights, listening to something (music, podcasts, etc.) is a must! Most headphones and earbuds hurt my ears after about an hour, so finding a comfortable pair was so important. I love this pair because they are specifically designed for people with smaller ears, so they don't fall out as easily and don't hurt after a little bit of time using them! - They also make regular size versions, a larger size for men, etc. and are reasonably priced!

iPad/Phone - These things are pretty obvious, especially after I mentioned them above. I like to download my favorite podcasts, listen to music, catch up on my favorite blogs, etc. Traveling is the perfect time to do these things! (Cody and I also like to download games on the iPad.)

Carry-On Cocktail Kit - I'm a cocktail blogger... this one should have been a given! haha. These little kits are so fun! They come with everything you need to make two cocktails (except the alcohol). Whether you bring a mini bottle in your bag, or order your spirit from the hostess, just add the ingredients and stir and you've got a delicious cocktail on the go! Not to mention, the mini items they include are just the absolute cutest!!

Coloring Books/Magazines/Games/Etc. - I also like to bring coloring books, my travel watercolor set, magazines, games, cards, etc. These things depend on what I'm in the mood to bring or having been loving at the time of packing. So they change with each trip.

What are your carry-on essentials? Let's chat about them in the comments below!

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