Company Spotlight | J&P Organics

J & P Organics is a local, family run business that grows and sells fresh, organic fruits, veggies, and more. You sign up and receive an email from them every week telling you what their fruits and veggies are that particular week (depending on what is in season). Then you select which of the boxes you would like to receive, and it is delivered straight to your door. Great idea, right?

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What are the box options?

Regular Box for $23 includes organic fruits and veggies.

Egg Box for $27.50 includes organic fruits and veggies, and one dozen organic (large brown) eggs.

Flower Box for $27.50 includes organic fruits and veggies, as well as a bunch of flowers.

Friendly Box for $31.50 includes organic fruits and veggies, one dozen organic eggs, and a bunch of flowers.

Cody ordered our first box yesterday and since Monterey delivery days are Thursdays, we received our box today! I particularly like that their delivery hours are between 1pm-9pm, closer to when we are home from work, so our produce is not sitting outside all day. Today our package came around 5pm which is a perfect time. I snapped a few (low-quality) pictures with my phone to share our experience.

Our box contained:

2 Squashes
4 Oranges
5 Apples
5 Carrots
1 Bag of green beans
1 Bag of spinach
1 Bunch of kale
1 Bunch of chard
2 Artichokes

(I don't believe I am forgetting anything) I was very impressed with the quality of each item! Food prices in Monterey are much higher than places I am used to in Southern California. After shopping for my veggies at Whole Foods for almost four years now, $23 for all of this (and delivery) is phenomenal! The only other place I can find produce that is organic and this fresh is the farmer's market which is much more expensive (and requires me to change out of my sweats lol).

This forces me to try new things as well. I have always wanted to try kale and every time I am at the grocery store I look, but end up passing. Today when I received my box, I was excited to see a bunch of kale and immediately made a batch of kale chips. Who knew... I am a kale lover! Also, because I am the only one in the house that eats fruits and veggies, this will last me about two weeks, meaning I will only order every-other week.

I love this concept and the service/quality I have received are wonderful. Visit the J&P Organics website to learn more!

Xo, Suzanna