Controlling Pet Dander with The Rocket

Cody and I live in a junior one bedroom apartment with two cats. Our place is just a little bigger than a studio and is the perfect size for the four of us. For those of you that have pets, you know about pet dander. No matter how much you clean, there is still a little bit floating through the air. Cody has pretty bad allergies, which makes pet dander a real pain in the butt for us.

When Shark reached out to me about trying their vacuum that specializes in this, I JUMPED on the opportunity.

Prior to using The Rocket (c/o Shark), we were using a hand-me-down vacuum that my sister gave us before she moved. It seemed to work fine. We figured Cody's allergies were normal, and he simply took an allergy pill each morning to help. 

Little did we know, a lot of the problem was because of our vacuum. I will admit, I took a long time to write this post. I wanted to make sure I was truly this excited about it, and that I wasn't just excited to try a new product (it happens, you know). Starting the day it came in the mail, we put our old vacuum in the closet and began using only The Rocket. It came with around ten different attachments, which means we can pretty much use it for anything. The fact that it is smaller than a regular vacuum isn't a problem for us since we live in such a tiny apartment (it actually works better!).

It took a little time to get used to using it, and at first it can seem a bit top heavy. However, after using it for a few months, I am completely in love. We are able to vacuum our carpet, tile, rugs, furniture, etc. You name it, we can vacuum it. Cody's allergies have gotten SO much better since we started using The Rocket, and he doesn't even have to take allergy pills anymore. 

If you have pets and are in need of a new vacuum, I cannot recommend The Rocket enough.

How do you keep pet dander at bay?

*This post was sponsored by Shark.

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