A Look at My Daily Routine

Yesterday was the start of my new planner and I couldn't have been more excited! Even with that excitement, I didn't start using it until today. I was feeling a little under the weather yesterday and to be honest, the thought of starting a new planner, new organization system, etc. just seemed a little overwhelming. SO! I'm starting today, and the planner obsessed organizational freak in me cannot stop staring at it and flipping through the blank pages for no reason.

I thought this would be a perfect time to share my daily routine! Now I don't know about you, but I love reading about people's daily routines. Especially people that work from home. I'm always getting tips on how to break things up and mix up my schedule! - My days don't always look like this. Occasionally I have doctor's appointments I have to throw in, more errands than usual, etc. Sometimes I'm not feeling well enough to do anything, so I lay in bed watching Netflix all day. It really just depends on the day, but you get the point!

I'm going to keep it short and sweet down below because no body wants to read an entire paragraph on me feeding my cats or ordering my coffee. And that pretty gem in the photo is that new planner I was telling you about. It's basically perfection in a pretty gold spiral.

8:00 am - Wake up (My least favorite part of the day, I am NOT a morning person), catch up on social media, feed the cats, eat breakfast, catch up on blog posts, pick up around the apartment.

10:00 am - Walk to Home Brewed Bar to get coffee (Pistachio Cold Brew with House Milk. SO GOOD), sit and work.

12:00 pm - Walk around Old Town: Buy props for shoots, window shop, get exercise, etc.

1:30 pm - Home to eat lunch, catch up on emails/Twitter/Insta, work

3:00 pm - Run errands, go to meetings (If I don't have any errands or meetings, I stay home and work)

4:00 pm - Home to work, take blog photos

5:00 pm - Cody gets home from work, we spend some time together doing random things like watching YouTube videos, cleaning the apartment, or laying on the floor being lazy

6:30 pm - Make and eat dinner

7:00 pm - More work

9:00 pm - Edit photos, write blog posts, clean up the apartment and do chores to prepare for the next day

10:30 pm - Get in bed, watch a show with Cody (Usually Parks & Rec or Big Brother)

11:00 pm - Work from bed while Cody goes to sleep

12:00 pm - Sleep!! (My favorite part of the day!)

Pretty basic stuff, nothing too exciting. I find that splitting up my work throughout the day helps me focus for longer periods of time so I can actually get things done (I have a short attention span)! I use my planner to schedule meetings, make to-do lists, create somewhat of an editorial calendar to keep track of due dates and other blog stuff, for reminders, bill due dates, etc. I really live by my planner. I've been using one since I was in middle school, and I find that each year (as I become busier) I depend on it more and more. 

Well, there you have it - a little look into my day. 

SuzannaBando, OtherComment