Decor Inspiration 002

Back in February, I wrote my first decor inspiration post while dreaming of finally moving down to Pasadena. I am now officially a Pasadena resident and cannot wait to get started decorating our new home. We just got our storage unit today and tomorrow we will start moving boxes to the space that we will not need on a regular basis. Then, we can really start getting our unpacking going. After the unpacking process comes my absolute favorite: decorating! I'm so ready to make our little space warm and inviting.

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I am still in love with neutrals, muted colors, and patterns. I have found my feminine side coming out a little more recently, especially in terms of decorating our home. I can't wait to blend soft colors into my favorite rustic wood tones and neutrals to create the perfect environment! I've also taken on a recent love for patterns on walls and floors. The two photos on the left showcase this exact thing perfectly! Subtle patterns in neutral colors give the space so much more detail and dimension without feeling cluttered and overwhelming.

Stay tuned for 'before' photos scattered around the blog as we begin to decorate!

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