Glitter and Gold Letters DIY

Crafting and DIY projects are one of my favorite things to do. I recently got a burst of inspiration and made a little something that turned out exactly how I imagined. Naturally, I couldn't wait to share!

Above is a quick shot of the finished product: gold initials hung with ribbon. (The following photos are not the best, I took them with my phone as I was working on the letters, but they get the point across.) 


Cardboard letter(s) Liquid Gold Leaf Paint Brush(es) Ribbon (Newspaper to put down while painting) (Thumb tacks to hang) Using cardboard letters instead of wooden letters makes them lighter and easier to hang with thumb tacks. I also like how smooth the finish was after painting. If you would like to use wooden letters, I would recommend hanging with nails, and doubling up the ribbon.

  Start out by painting the letters with the gold leaf. It took about 2 full coats for completely opaque results. I chose three dimensional letters instead of flat letters, in case I later decide I do not want them hanging on the wall. I can stand them up on a desk, bookshelf, counter, etc. for a decorative look.
Of course, once you are done painting let them dry. Be sure they are completely dry before hanging so the paint does not transfer onto your wall.
To hang, I simply tied a turquoise colored ribbon around each letter and secured them to the wall with a thumb tack. I used clear thumb tacks, and although they are visible in the picture, you cannot even see them in person (unless you are looking for them)!Here is an up-close shot of each of the letters:


I hope this DIY post gave you a little inspiration for some DIY projects of your own! If you recreate this look, I would love to see how they turn out. Tweet me pictures (@Noodoso) or tag #ZosoLights on Instagram!

Have you done any DIY projects recently?

Xo, Suzanna

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