BOO Halloween Door Decoration DIY

I am usually struck with the most creativity during fall. Although it is not my favorite season, it definitely brings the most cozy, comfy feeling. Today I am going to share a DIY post with you that I had so much fun making.

This BOO hanging is so easy to make and ads the cutest festive look to any door or wall.


1 'B' flat wooden letter 2 'O' flat wooden letters Black acrylic paint Paint brush or sponge Orange (or natural) colored straw Small hook


Start by painting each letter black. It took me about two coats for a completely opaque finish. Acrylic paint is great because even after it dries, it has a bit of a shiny look to it.

Wait for the paint to dry completely before tying them so no paint transfers to the straw or to your door/wall! You could definitely do the same with three dimensional letters, however, they would be a bit bulky and would not lay flat against the door. If you do not wish to hang things on your walls/door, try using three dimensional letters, tie the straw as bows for decoration, and place on a shelf or counter standing up!

Use the straw the tie the letters together, and add a large piece at the top of the 'B' to attach to the hook. I used a small hook that was already on my door and tied the straw onto it. Be sure to double knot the top if you are putting this outside, so the wind does not knock it down. I left quite a few loose pieces at the top because I feel like it gives it that spooky/scarecrow feeling!

Have you done any DIY projects recently?

Xo, Suzanna

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