Early Morning Photoshoot | Part III

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I began to share my early morning shoot with Anna Claire? I told you there was a third (and final) part coming, and here it is!! These photos might be my favorites, but it's hard to tell because I love them all so much!

This blue door in Carmel is probably my favorite part of the entire city. For one, it's elevated off the ground, which just automatically makes me love it. Plus it is a gorgeous cobalt blue color, and is surrounded by fun tiles and gorgeous plants. Aside from this, the door reminds me of my sister. She loves gates and doors and each time I am in Carmel I make it a point to send her a photo of this door. It's like my hug from a distance (she lives in Texas).

So, taking the final part of these photos (which are technically my graduation photos) at this door was extra special for me. Especially since my sister was not able to make it to my graduation due to some extremely crazy weather conditions (all flights were cancelled). So without further ado, here they are! 

I'm prettyyyyy sure that third photo may be one of my favorite photos of myself ever taken. It pretty much bundles up a lot of things I like into one snap and I feel so happy looking at it! Isn't Anna Claire talented?! Goodness, she's great!

Date: April 17th, 2015
Location: Carmel, California

Photos by Anna Howard Studios

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