Five Lifestyle Apps I Use Daily

I love apps. I have way too many, and although I don't need (or use) most of them, they are still so fun! Getting app recommendations is great, especially when it is actually something I will use! I am all for the business, lifestyle, social media, and productivity apps, and tend to not use the fun game apps. I figured it would be fun for me to share some of my favorite apps with you, in segments. Today, I am going to share five random lifestyle apps that come in handy on a daily basis! (Although I use an iPhone, I am an Android lover, and used one for many years. I will recommend similar apps for Android when possible and be sure to let you know of any cool Android exclusive apps as well!)

Pocket I am always finding things I want to read, at the most inconvenient times. I'm that person that searches for an article for 20 minutes in the waiting room of the doctor's office and finds it the second they call me back. Pocket is great because you can save articles, videos, links, etc. to the app, and go back later to read them. You can also sync it to your Twitter account, so you just hit "send to Pocket" and you're done! So simple, extremely useful! (Available for iPhone and Android for free)

Spotify This one is a given, right? Being music obsessed means I need music with me at all times! I love making different playlists for different activities and moods, and I love listening to Spotify Radio as well! (Free for iPhone and Android)

Podcasts I've recently started listening to podcasts, and I am in love! My favorites are creative topics, or business/entrepreneurial topics. The Podcasts app is great because I can subscribe and save, organize, and listen all in one place, whether I am at home or on the go! (This app comes standard on iPhones, but Podcast Republic is a free Android app that is similar)

Hangouts I love the Google Hangouts app! When I had my HTC One, I used this as my main texting app, and it worked great! Now that I have my iPhone, I still use it every day. I like that I can message people to their Hangouts account, without having their phone number. (This app is available for iPhone and Android for free)

Pin Drop This app is too cool, and exactly what I searched for for so long! I travel a lot, and love to visit less touristy areas. Because of this, I am always keeping my eyes and ears out for recommendations for places to eat, visit, etc. For the longest time I had a note in my phone of places I wanted to try when/if I went to so-and-so town. It was not in any order, and was impossible to find anything (kind of defeats the purpose, huh?). Then I found Pin Drop! You can drop pins on a map of different places, categorize them with tabs, add notes and photos, and even share them with friends! The best part: you can have multiple profiles under one account for business, personal, etc. This app has quickly become one of my favorites! (Available for iPhone and Android for free)

What are your favorite lifestyle apps?

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