Fizzy Fête with IZZE

Last week I had the pleasure of joining IZZE and a handful of fabulous and influential ladies in celebrating the new IZZE Sparkling Water Beverage! The (early) afternoon started out with a bike ride along the Santa Monica coast. We ended up at a beautiful and colorful picnic waiting for us on the sand. Talk about a great start to the day! The clouds burned off just in time to enjoy a warm day in the sun chatting with some lovely ladies and sipping on sparkling water!

The new Sparkling Water Beverage comes in three flavors: Blackberry Pear, Mandarin Lime, and Raspberry Watermelon. Of course, I tried them all so I could see which one was the best and could report back (and because I couldn't stop after the first one, they are so tasty!). My favorite is definitely the Raspberry Watermelon, but I think Blackberry Pear was a close contestant for first. 

Each drink is only 10 calories, contains less than 1% sugar (organic pure cane), and is certified USDA organic. Pretty good, right? These tasty treats will be hitting stores in late June/early July, so be sure to mark your calendars and keep an eye out!

Here are a few more photos from the event!

And how fun are these colorful Avarcas sandals? No, I don't wear a size 6, I just really liked that color leather against the sand. But I did take home a gorgeous royal blue pair that I'm sure will be making a presence very soon. 

IZZE was sure to give us all a few bottles of the Sparkling Water Beverage to take home with us, and I have some fun plans for each of them. Stay tuned for that soon! 

This was such a fun afternoon, and I'm so glad I was able to be a part of it! Thank you to IZZE as well as the team and event partners that made it happen!