Formula 10.0.6 Seriously Shine Free Mattifying Moisturizer

If you watched my favorites video, you will know that I have been loving the Formula 10.0.6 Seriously Shine Free Mattifying Moisturizer! Today I thought I would share why I am loving it...

Before I start, I would just like to say that I have no idea how this picture got so crooked when it looked perfectly straight on my camera screen. Reasons I am a blogger and not a photographer. haha!

Okay, so I have been using this moisturizer for about 3 weeks now. I was skeptical at first like I usually am when trying new moisturizers because I tend to have bad luck with them. Upon using this, the first thing I noticed was the horrendous smell. Now, I may be a bit of a drama queen but let me tell you, this smells awful! With that being said, I have gotten great results from using this product! It has a smooth consistency in which you can definitely tell aloe vera is one of the main ingredients.

I apply this moisturizer before my primer, and have noticed that since using this my skin is much less oily. In addition, my makeup tends to cake less after applying this. I use this both in the morning and in the evening because I love how it makes my skin feel. The last little note I will say about this formula is that I love how light it feels and a little bit goes a long way!

Formula 10.0.6 is available at Ulta!

What moisturizer do you use?

Xo, Suzanna