Green Things | 3 Favorites With Color In Common

Today just seems like a good day to display a few products that I love. 

I just so happens that all three products I chose had green packaging, which of course I was overly excited about (if you couldn't tell by the way I titled this post). Sometimes, it's the little things like uniform packaging that just brings a smile to my face. haha

The first item is not a beauty item, but a candle. This is by the brand Archepelago and is the Euc(á)lyptus scent. I will tell you that I just went to the Archepelago site for the first time (to get the link for this post) and was incredibly surprised by the selection they have. I have owned other candles from this brand in the past, but I have never purchased them directly from the website and had no idea how many styles and scents they had available (My bank account will be angry with me soon!). As far as this candle goes, I have one word: WOW. The scent is so smooth and refreshing, not to mention relaxing, I cannot get enough of it. If you like eucalyptus, you will love this!! The quality of the candle is great, I have burned this multiple times for hours at a time and as you can see, it has barely made a dent. Also, many candles stop giving off a scent after the first few times of burning them and this does not do that!

Next up is a Benefit Box Blush in the shade Dandelion. I have raved about this in many of my favorites videos and I am sure in other posts. This is a perfect shade to give my skin a natural touch of color. The formula is great and not too powdery, and most importantly this blush will last all day on my skin!

Last, but not least we have the Clinique Super City Block spf 40. I love to apply this product on a day that I know I will be out in the sun a lot because I know it will protect my skin. This is my no-makeup sunscreen, which I only wear when I am not going to be wearing makeup (a day at the pool/beach, going for a run on a sunny day, etc). It is an oil-free formula and is made to apply under foundation, however I find the formula a bit too thick to apply under my makeup. It soaks into the skin really well, but with my oily skin I just cannot do it (so sad!). This sunscreen does have a hint of tint to it, however, once it is rubbed completely into the skin, you cannot even tell!

What green packaged products have you been loving recently? 

Xo, Suzanna