Last night Cody and I were having dinner with my mom when I started having chest pain. This is a fairly normal occurrence, so I didn't think much of it. Unfortunately, it started to increase at a rapid rate, more so than normal. At a certain point I knew we would end up in the ER, so we left dinner and drove over.

When we got there, they did the usual - rush EKG and chest x-ray. When someone comes in with severe chest pain, they take it seriously at CHOMP (which I SO appreciate.) Once they did those two tests, a urine test, and took my vitals, we waited for a room.

It took much longer to get a room than it normally does, and by the time they wheeled me back to my bed, I was in excruciating pain. My chest pains worsened, my joints hurt SO bad, my skin was in serious pain, I couldn't move my fingers, and I was extremely dizzy.

Long story short, they ran blood tests, gave me anti-inflammatory and pain meds through an IV, and a potassium infusion with IV fluids. 

Cody and I went home after a 6 hour visit, exhausted. Today I am in less pain, but sore and groggy. Basically, I feel like I was hit by a train. I'm getting some rest and hope to be back in action within the next few days!