Hello, Noodoso

As I am sure you have noticed, a little change has taken place here. Zoso Lights is now Noodoso. (I've been debating over this since March!!) There are many reasons behind it, but I want you to know how happy I am to have made the change!

I didn't want to make a huge deal out of this because really, I have been Noodoso all along. Noodoso was my first email account back when I had AOL Kids, it has always been my social media handles, and it is my username for almost everything I can think of. Going back before that though, Noodoso is what my dad has called me my whole life. There's a big long story behind that, so if you're interested in hearing (or reading), maybe I'll write about it one day. 

When starting my blog a few years ago, I contemplated the name Noodoso because it felt so natural. At the time, I was blogging about beauty products and didn't feel like it fit. So, I came up with the name Zoso Lights. (Zoso has meaning, Lights was just a random word that sounded good) While this name started out meaning nothing, it definitely found a special place in my heart, and I will always love it! Maybe one day I will even bring it back (for a different project, of course).

Since Noodoso holds such a special place in my heart, I have never been willing to remove it as my social media handles. It has become a part of me, and some of my friends refer to me as Noodoso. Unlike Zoso Lights, Noodoso felt (and still feels) irreplaceable.

As my brand grows, it is important to me that I can have one solid umbrella brand that all of my endeavors can fall under. The growth I had with Zoso Lights felt very limited, and as though it would soon fall under my smaller brands, eventually fading away. Don't worry, not a single thing will change here on my little space of the internet. I will be carrying on with everything as normal!

What I am trying to say, is that instead of my blog being a separate piece of my brand, it is now an extension of me. Noodoso is my brand, and I finally feel at home!

Thank you for your continued support. Here's to the future!

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