Holiday Essentials I Didn't Know I Needed

This month has been insanely busy. I had a fun post scheduled about our little apartment's holiday decor, and a few essentials I like to keep on hand around Christmas time. To be quite honest, I just didn't have the time to get this up, but wanted to share a few things with you anyway (in an informal post).

Our apartment is tiny, it's a studio. This actually makes it more difficult for me to decorate, don't ask me why. This year, I found one item that not only makes our apartment feel like a winter wonderland, but can be left all year round - a super soft blanket! It is monogrammed with C + S (Cody and Suzanna), and did I mention it's super soft!! I put this over our sofa, on the end of our bed, over the back of a chair... anywhere really! I never realized how essential and versatile this piece could be for our home, until I got one. (Go figure!)

Cody and I were both gone for the holidays, and I brought this blanket with me to Texas to use in the morning while drinking my coffee, and to bring a little bit of home with me. (A decision I was super glad I made!!) 

I also wrapped gifts for my family in personalized wrapping paper. I'm sharing this for a few reasons. I'm super excited because (1) I'm lazy when it comes to wrapping and this gave me wrapping and a tag all in one (YES!) (2) It was different than any of the other wrapping my family used, so of course we got major kudos for being so awesome.

*Blanket and wrapping paper courtesy of Tiny Prints.

What are your holiday essentials?