How I Edit Photos for Instagram

I know these posts are everywhere. BUT! Everyone has their own way of editing their photos for Instagram, and I don't know about you, but I love reading them! I've been asked a few times recently what my process is for editing my photos. Really, I don't do much...

Most of my photos are taken with a very light (or white) background. About a third of the photos I post on Instagram are photos that I styled for a post and photographed with my camera (not my phone). However, the ones shown above were taken with my phone.

Camera+ Back when I had my iPhone the first time, I used Camera+ religiously. Android was different and I had to find new apps. When I recently switched back to an iPhone, I was completely out of the loop when it came to the new apps (and still am), so I downloaded the only good photo editing app I knew, Camera+. I use this app to adjust the clarity, exposure, contrast, temperature, and brightness of my photos. I also use it to crop the photo and make it a square. (I have also heard great things about Afterlight for doing these same adjustments, but I am a creature of habit and stick to Camera+)

VSCOcam I haven't been using VSCOcam for that long, but I did have this app on my HTC one and really liked the filters. They are still filters, but aren't overly dramatic like the standard Instagram ones. I tend to stick to the same two or three filters to keep a consistent look to my photos. The three I use most are HB1, HB2, and SE3. After editing my photos in Camera+ , I open the photo in VSCOcam and add a filter. When you use the two together you get the hang of how much you need to edit the photo before applying the filter, to be sure it turns out the way you are envisioning it.

Once the filter is applied, I open my photo in Instagram. Occasionally, there will be a few minor adjustments I need to make at this point, so I use the Instagram tool panel to modify. When my photo is done, I choose an appropriate caption and upload it! The process seems long, but is actually pretty simple.

What are your favorite photo editing apps?