How I Find Inspiration

I have been stuck in bed for the past few days, sick. When this happens, I usually go crazy not being able to put up any posts. However, this time I wanted to share with you a few ways I find inspiration. I know I am not the only one that has those moments where the inspirational juices just aren't flowing, so I'm hoping this will help give you some fresh ideas!

Life My ultimate inspiration is life. Things that happen in my daily life, whether it be something I see/experience, a person's outfit, my own outfit, nature, etc. give me inspiration in ways I never knew possible. Sometimes I am so overcome with ideas I don't even know where to begin. I encourage everyone to take a little time, put away the electronics, go outside, and experience life. You will be amazed at the inspiration you will find.

Friends Let me just say, I have some of the most talented friends. Whether they're bloggers, designers, YouTubers, crafters, photographers, business owners, etc. they all have fresh ideas that inspire me on a daily basis.

Blogs There are a few dozen blogs on my "must read" list that I like to visit each week. Seeing the work of other creatives really gives me a little push to create.

Pinterest I go on Pinterest all the time. Seeing the creativity of others, the beautiful photos, the perfectly styled outfits, makes me feel so full inside. I always leave Pinterest feeling refreshed, recharged, a little overwhelmed, and ready to create!

Polyvore Polyvore is a great way to harvest some inspiration. If you are unfamiliar, Polyvore is a creative site where you create "sets." Sounds strange, but is so much fun to use if you aren't trying to create professional work and just want to mess around. I make sets to bring new ideas to life and like to look back on previous ones I have made if I am feeling a little lost.

Mood Boards I may be one of the few people left that actually makes physical mood boards. I have always loved cutting thing out of magazines that inspire me, so this (with a cup of coffee) makes for perfect Sunday morning inspiration session.

Some of these may seem pretty obvious, but when lacking inspiration, it can be hard for us to see even the most obvious sources. I hope this helps get those creative juices flowing!

I would love to know how you find inspiration, let me know in the comments below!

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