Why I've Stopped Trying On Instagram

Recently I've been feeling overwhelmed with Instagram. The pressure to create a perfectly curated feed is strong, and it's no secret that bloggers often feel this pressure even more. The past couple weeks I felt as though I didn't even want to go to my main Instagram account (yes, I have multiple - the others are here and here) because I was so stressed about it. It seems silly to be that stressed over social media, but when the success of something you work toward every day is on the line, you take it very seriously. I know I'm not the first or only person feeling this way, so I figured I would at least be the one to share about it.

These days, people buy followers on Instagram and have a massive following over night. I've never wanted to be one of those people. I refuse to grow my following any other way than organically. People like myself, that want to work for their followers experience this pressure even more.

Why I've Stopped Trying on Instagram - Noodoso

The other day, after taking close to a week-long break, I decided that I was done being stressed over something as silly as Instagram. My life isn't picture perfect, it's messy. It's not one color scheme, it's colorful and dull all at the same time. It's not exciting and picture worthy all day every day, it's actually pretty boring. I work all week, I relax at home all weekend, and somewhere in between I may venture out to a coffee shop to order coffee that I care more about drinking than I do spending 20 minutes taking a photo of it.

So I said "screw it" and decided that from now on, I will be posting whatever I want on Instagram, whenever I want. Whether it goes with my "theme" (which is actually non-existent) or not. Whether it's perfectly crisp or not. Whether my nails or painted or not. I'M POSTING IT! Because I want to.

That's the glory of it being your story, your Instagram, right? And if you're growing your following organically, you should let people follow you and like you for you.

So today, I picked a random photo from a coffee date Cody and I went on. His hand looked funny in it, the colors weren't my favorite, and I spend about a minute and a half editing it instead of 15. I posted it and didn't think twice (okay, I actually thought about deleting it SO many times), even though it didn't flow with my previous photos and I wasn't 100% in love with the it... I was in love with the moment it was taken.

And you know what? It was my most liked photo that I've posted in the last couple weeks. It was real. It was imperfect. And it was totally me.

Don't get me wrong, I will most definitely still be using my precious filters and will continue taking photos that represent my love of a good photograph, but I won't hold myself back and limit myself to what matches and looks good. I want people to know me for me, imperfections and all.

I hope you'll follow along.

xo, Suzanna

Photo by Andrea David