L'Occitane Immortelle Essential Water Review

For Christmas, Cody's mom got me a little gift pack from L'Occitane. It included different things like body moisturizers, soaps, etc. Among the mixture was this travel/tester size of the Immortelle Essential Water. I stuck it in my sample bin and figured I would eventually get around to trying it out. I was right, about 3 weeks ago I brought this baby back out to test it once and for all.

L'Occitane Immortelle Essential Water

Let me start off by saying, for being a "sample size" product, this has lasted quite some time. After using it every day, twice a day for three weeks I have only gone through half it. That makes the price of the full size ($27 for 6.7oz) totally worth it!

Now for my thoughts. This is the first L'Occitane product I have ever used. When I first started using it I didn't read up on it and it's benefits, nor did I read up on when and how to use it. Honestly, I basically grabbed it and went. I used it like I would any other essential/toner water and spritzed it all across my face after washing it and before putting on my moisturizer. Usually I would take an exfoliating cotton pad and sweep it over my face after spraying this on. 

I noticed great results after just a few days of using it. Not only did my skin look smoother, but it had a nice fresh glow to it. Also, I love the way this product feels on my skin and the smell is just wonderful! Later, after researching the product a little more a learned that it is actually an essential water for aging skin used to firm and smooth lines and wrinkles. At my age, I have very few lines and wrinkles so I cannot say if this truly combats them or firms the skin. However, I honestly do love the way this product works!

I got lucky with this one, as it is definitely not a product I would usually buy. If I walked into the store I most likely would not look for products for aging skin and would completely miss out on this great product. I plan on buying this in the full size as soon as I am out of this mini version. You can buy this at L'Occitane stores or on their website for $27.

Have you tried any L'Occitane products? What is your favorite essential/toner water?

Xo, Suzanna