MAC Temperature Rising Pro Longwear Bronzer Review & Swatches!

MAC limited edition collections rarely make me feel that "I NEED that" feeling. However, the new (ish) Temperature Rising Collection is one that I have just been in love with. Since I first saw it months ago, I knew there were a few items that I just really needed to get my hands on. Of course (like always), I was late on the whole "OMG this collection is awesome" thing and didn't realize how great the products were until after the big hype.... and of course, after most things were sold out. I did manage to get my hands on one product, and lucky for me it was the one I wanted the most.

MAC Temperature Rising Pro-Longwear Bronzer in Nude On Board

The Pro-Longwear Bronzer in Nude On Board was the item from the collection that I was determined to find, and I did. Let me tell you, I love this bronzer. I own other MAC bronzers, and I will put them up there with some of my favorites. However, this is surprisingly the first of the pro-longwear formula that I have purchased and I can really tell a difference. The lasting power of this stuff is incredible. I can put this on at 7am before work and after a full day of work and errands I will go to take my makeup off (around 8pm) and this product is right where I put it. It does fade, as do most products throughout the day, but not to the point where it looks like you are no longer wearing it. 

Also, let me just say that I love the brown rubberized packaging. Now back to the product... I also really like that it is more of a creamy powder which makes it easier to apply. 

Before blending, After blending

Here is a swatch on my ghostly white wrist to give you a little idea. This is in natural lighting and without a flash of course. For the left, I just rubbed my finger on the powder and wiped it onto my arm. For the right, I did the same thing and blended it just a tad. Now, the other great thing about this bronzer is that if I use just the tiniest amount and blend well, I can use this over my entire face (during the summer when i am a little darker) as a powder. Then with a heavier hand, I can go back and contour and bronze the key areas.

Overall, I am quite impressed with this product and definitely recommend you go out and at least swatch it at a MAC store! The other product I would really like from the Temperature Rising Collection is one of the blushes in the shade Ripe For Love. I cannot find this one anywhere and might have to give in and order it online.

Have you tried any products from the Temperature Rising Collection? What MAC products make you think "I NEED this"?

Xo, Suzanna