Mani Monday | 11/11/13

This week's Mani Monday post comes with a bit of disappointment...

I wanted to paint my nails a solid color (no art or glitter), but couldn't decide between two. Who says I can only wear one color? So I went with both! On my first three fingers I have Essie's Armed and Ready and on the last two I have Essie's Mint Candy Apple. On my right hand I have the order of the colors switched up. These are two of my favorite Essie colors and I love how they look when paired together. It is almost as though I am mixing Fall and Spring.

The disappointment comes when I scuffed my first three fingers after almost falling down the cement staircase outside my apartment. Now, I am okay but sadly my nails are not. Luckily, I was able to hide the marks on the first two fingers, but as you can tell my thumb got the most damage. With that said, I absolutely love this combination of colors and definitely plan on wearing it a lot throughout the fall!

What nail colors have you been loving lately?

Xo, Suzanna