Mani Monday - Thanksgiving Edition | 11/25/13

I'm really excited for today's Mani Monday post, and when I explain why I'm sure you will all think I am crazy. 

These are my "Thanksgiving Nails." Now, I know they don't look too special, but they are special to me. Here's where the crazy comes in... The brick colored polish I used on two of my nails is actually my very favorite nail color, Recessionista by Essie. Although it is my favorite, I only wear it Thanksgiving week through Christmas and then put it away for the rest of the year. I am constantly growing tired of nail colors after wearing them endlessly, all year round. This color is one that I want to continue to feel excited about wearing, and the only way I can be sure to accomplish that is to designate it to my favorite time of the year. With that being said, I am sure you can imagine how much this polish puts me in the holiday spirit!

I am also wearing a gold polish, Good As Gold by Essie on my first two nails because you can't have the holidays with out glitter and gold! (Don't worry, December is full of glitter nails). Lastly, on my pinky I am wearing Essie's Sand Tropez, another one of my favorite nail colors. Over top of all my nails I used a quick-dry top coat. Voilà - Thanksgiving nails!

I hope this Mani Monday gave you a little inspiration to get creative and festive! If you're not in the States and you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, this is still a great nail look for fall.

Xoxo, Suzanna