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I'm so happy to share today's post with you! One of my wonderful friends from high school is here sharing a little about an upcoming trip she is taking, and how you can help her meet her goals. She's not a blogger (though I think she should be), but she is a photographer, traveler. and so much more! We all know how hard it can be to ask for help at times, and if you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know I strongly believe in supporting each other's dreams and goals so we can all succeed! So, please welcome Andrea David!

Ps. If you want to know where you can find Andrea, I will have all of her links and social media handles at the bottom of the post!

Hey all,

I’m so excited to be featured on NOODOSO today! I love working with other creatives because I really value learning from others experiences and growing together as we take our passions to the next level!

I’m here to tell you a bit about myself and some upcoming news that I have. Well firstly, I love photography. I love looking at magazines, blogs, and photography of people and places. I am self-taught and don’t ask me what my major at UC Irvine was because it won’t make sense to you. (Spanish + Biological Sciences hahah). You can say that I just have a lot of interests, and although I do plan on pursuing those interests, my other love is definitely photography and travel. I would be completely happy travelling the world, meeting people, going to strange places, and visually documenting it.

In January, I have a trip that I plan on going on. To Israel and Palestine, actually. This is a different type of trip. It’s not for leisure, but it’s a humanitarian trip. Most of you may know about the ongoing conflict that this region has been experiencing for decades. It even goes back to hundreds of years when there were trade routes and empires. Through my church, my team and I have decided to go to Israel and Palestine to hear both sides of the conflict, listen to people’s stories, to serve, and most importantly, absorb what we learn, share the news, and raise awareness for the people at home. Also, as a Christian, it will be amazing walking the real streets that are mentioned in the Bible! However, it’s not just about storytelling, there’s so much more. We are going there to learn what peace looks like. What does it mean to love your neighbor in the midst of conflict? What does it mean to live through conflict? What will we learn that the media leaves out and skews?

I had a little taste of the trip a couple weeks ago. We had a Palestinian-Christian writer and pastor come and talk to us a little bit about his foundation in Bethlehem, the Diyar Consortium. It’s a place where people of different ages, religions, and backgrounds can come to grow through culture, art, and wellness. Think of it as kind of like a YMCA. It was so awesome seeing so many people come together, learn, and further their talents. It was a place that they could take time to forget about the conflict. I’m so excited that I will be visiting this community! (Watch the video link above!) However, as Dr. Raheb was telling us about his personal stories, it was heartbreaking to know that there is so much oppression. Also, it was almost shocking because the people who have experienced this don’t have a filter. Why should they? Whoever’s story I will be listening to, it’s not about right or wrong because the accounts of this war are people’s realities.

Before preparing for this trip, the only thing I knew about the conflict was from the news and word of mouth. Most of it was biased. Now I know so much more and I still have so much to learn. Most importantly, I want people to listen and be aware. I will be listening to stories from people of all ages, religions, and social statuses from both sides of the conflict.

I am here to tell you guys about ways you can participate in this. I have to raise $3600 and it has not been easy. Thankfully, I have had so many friends, family, and strangers help support me. Asking for help is such a hard thing in this society, however, I've learned that it makes us dependent, and sometimes that’s a completely humbling thing.

The first way you can help me is by buying a pack of postcards! These are made up of photos from my other travels. You’ll get a random set of 5 of these for $15. Just specify whether you’d like Honduras, Europe, or a combo!

Another thing I am doing is selling wreaths! These will be made to order and are completely out of fresh greens and flowers. These will be $35, with shipping to US included. Just tell me what accent colors you’d like, and I’ll do it!

The third way is through a direct donation. This goes directly to the church as is tax-deductible unlike the goods being sold above. Please see the link provided for more information.

Thanks to Suzanna for letting me share today! I can’t wait to give you all a piece of me whether it be my photos, flowers, or my stories. I can’t wait to come back and share. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we strive to be good listeners, patient, flexible, and open-minded.


Photos provided by Andrea David.

Get to know Andrea...

Name: Andrea, 21, Orange County, California.
Specific favorite foods: Tallarin con Pollo Apanado (Peruvian breaded chicken with a pesto-like spaghetti, Xiao Long Bao (Chinese soup dumplings), and a good burger with some brie and fig-jam. Yeah. 
Instagram: @andreakmdavid
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Payment methods for postcards and wreaths: Venmo, Paypal, Check, Chase Quick Pay.