My Favorite Welly Products & Uses

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I am so excited to be sharing this post with you guys today!! Y’all know how obsessed I have been with Welly - they have SO many awesome products and I really have been wanting to share my favorites with you! So today, I am going to share a list of my favorite Welly products and how/what I like to use them for.


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I’m just going to jump right into this one because there is too much goodness to waste time!

Bravery Bandages

Now, bandages are something that you can get for 99 cents and go on your merry way. But! In my life, I have injections, cuts, procedure wounds, etc. that need covering on a regular basis, and I will take any opportunity I can to make them a little less dreary looking. So to start, I’m going to state the obvious - the colors and patterns of Welly products are a huge part of why I love them. They are not, however, the only reason I love them!

Standard Flex Fabric Bandages

If you’re looking for a bandage for your everyday needs, these cover that. They stay positioned exactly where you put them without gapping, causing irritation, or falling off. They’re easy to remove and don’t hurt, but the also stay put so well I can wear them in the shower/swimming if necessary. Welly also offers a waterproof bravery bandage, which is awesome if you’re into water sports or something where you’re regularly in and out of the water. I will say, I prefer the flax fabric over the waterproof, but that is totally based on personal preference and comfort.

Undercover Agents

These speak for themselves. We all have those moments when we just can’t have a bright yellow bandage hanging out on our leg or something. These hydrocolloid bandages stay put as nicely as the flex fabric, are waterproof, and blend in with your skin tone super nicely! (Not to mention, they don’t irritate, which is something I usually struggle with when it comes to a clear/waterproof bandage.

Handy Bandies

As an artist, I am constantly using/injuring my hands. I avoid getting paint and other junk in my wounds with these finger and toe bandages. My hands are place I use bandages most (other than my injection sites) so I love that there are options that contour to my hands and stay put for longer than your average.

Comfy Covers

This might just be my favorite Welly product (maybe!) - as someone with extremely sensitive skin, I have always struggled with bandages being irritating. Even the brands that make “special” versions of their bandages for sensitive skin, still give me trouble. So when I saw that Welly thought of us and made a delicate skin option, I was jumping for joy. I have to mention that even the regular (non-delicate) Welly bandages don’t irritate my skin, which is awesome, but having the option for an even more delicate option, if needed, is super exciting! These also stick just as well as the other Bravery Bandages, so you don’t have to worry about that!

Face Savers

These things seriously do work. I have no idea how - y’all know I’m too lazy to research the science behind it all, but these bad boys are magic. Here’s what Welly has to say about them and why I personally think these are one of their best products: “Hydrocolloid pads seal in moisture to promote faster healing while keeping out dirt and germs.” I originally started using them to cover my pimples when I noticed I was being extra “picky” and wanted to save my face. Then I started giving them to Cody for cuts when he was shaving, etc. And THEN I noticed something magical about them - I would put one on a pimple that I noticed was forming before bed and in the morning, when I peeled the spot off, all of the “icky stuff” would be pulled to the surface and stuck to the Face Saver! I know this will gross some of you out, but you know I don’t filter the real life - pimples are real and they’re annoying. These things help me “extract” the icky stuff in a sanitary way, without picking, and without scarring. I love it!! And here’s where it really gets exciting - if you have a bug/spider bite? Put one of these on it overnight and in the morning when you peel it back, the venom/poison stuff will be pulled out and stuck to the Face Saver. These are one of my all-time favorite Welly products because they’re so versatile and useful without trying too hard! Plus they are easy to store in the little pink tin to take with me wherever I go!

Kicker Stickers & Blister Blasters

While I don’t get a ton of blisters since I can’t do a ton of physical activity, these things are wonderful because blisters are one of my least favorite things! You can never be too prepared and these things not only help them heal faster (in the same way the Face Savers do), but they are nice and thick so you don’t have to worry about irritating your blister once it starts forming.

Ointments & Creams

Bravery Balm

This one is obvious - you get a cut, you put antibiotic ointment on it to help it heal. It works and comes in two strengths - win!

Itch Fix & Calm Balm

As someone that bugs LOVE to snack on, I keep one of these in every room of my house. lol Perfect for bug bites, rashes, and so much more - all things I deal with often. This is also available in two strengths, which I love, and it works super well! I also keep one of these with me in my hospital bag to help with adhesive rashes from IVs, monitors, etc.

Ready to Go Kits

Now that we’ve talked about the individual products I like, I want to do some quick mentions of the Ready to Go kits that I have and love, plus why I like them! The Quick Fix Kit is a no-brainer. Put it in your purse, car, backpack, handbag, satchel, saddlebag, desk, luggage, hospital bag, diaper bag, etc. It has a little of everything and is your mini one-stop-shop for quick fixes. The Human Repair Kit is similar, but larger - perfect if you’re super clumsy like me, have multiple kids, need more space, are traveling for long periods of time, etc.


Last, but certainly not least, I’m going to cover the essentials - which honestly, are some of my favorites because I’m a nerd and love essentials/being prepared. haha!

Oops Equipment

This one is a no-brainer. Obviously it’s going to be handy having tweezers, nail clippers, and tweezers in your first aid kit. I added mine to my Human Repair Kit so it’s all together for on-the-go.

Dressings for Distress

Totally underrated - this kit is awesome for those of us that like to be prepared for all things, but also are inventive and like to find solutions for things. The majority of my uses for this kit have come out of necessity and creativity while trying to solve a problem, not while getting excited over the possibilities of tape and non-stick pads, haha. I love using these for a variety of different things - after putting on an ointment or cream, lightly placing a pad over the top and taping the pad down helps keep the area clean, avoids getting the ointment on everything, etc. They’re perfect for areas too large for a regular bandage, sensitive areas that might need a little gap between the bandage and the wound, or you can also use them to clean small cuts - I like these pads because they’re non-stick. That means no fuzzy things on your cut if you pat it dry! Yes! And of course, I can’t forget to mention Hero Tape, for when you need waterproof tape instead of regular.

Well, there you have it - my favorite welly products. Whether you’re just someone that appreciates good products/design, a mom/aunt/nana, caregiver, someone dealing with chronic illness, etc. Welly has so many awesome products that add a little something extra to the otherwise ordinary things, like bandages. I hope you love them as much as I do!

And don’t forget - you can easily mix and match these items together to create your own customizable first aid kits for all of life’s adventures!

Click here to shop all the goodies I mentioned in this post! Don’t forget to share your favorites with me below!

xo, Suzanna