My Work Space Essentials

With classes starting back up, I spent this last week preparing my work space to function as both a home office for Zoso Lights and The Creatives Club, and as a homework space. Over the summer I finally got a desk and set up an office area that I can really use and focus at. Like every office, I have certain essentials that I always keep on hand!

Notecards/Thank You Cards* I write a lot of Thank You notes. Owning a business (or two) has made me appreciate hand written thank you notes even more than I used to. I love the personalization that can go into writing one of these out and sending it off to a client, friend, or family member. I always have lots of these stashed around my workspace, and try to make sure they reflect my personality style-wise.

Notepad/To-Do List* I write to-do lists like they are going out of style! If it isn't written down, it won't get done. Between work, blogging, running my businesses, and school, I am lucky if I remember to put pants on in the morning. I'm also the type of person that likes my to-do lists to be neat and tidy, and on cute paper. Something about a fun to-do list makes me want to cross things off and get things done!

Business Cards I always keep my business cards, as well as a few from my close friends on my desk. They remind me of all my hard work, and the importance of working together so we can all succeed!

Colorful Pens I ALWAYS have tons of colorful pens strewn across my desk. I color coordinate everything. And let's be honest, who doesn't love some fun colored pens every once in a while?


A few other important pieces of my workspace:

Daily Planner What would I do without my planner?? Seriously, I have no idea. I use it for everything! Definitely a work space essential!
Encouraging Artwork Like one of my favorite lyrics personalized on one of my photos*, or a ceramic blogger friends pepper shaker from my lovely friend Sarah (she has the salt!)!
Good Lighting This little lamp isn't great lighting, but while on the hunt for the perfect solution, it does the trick!
Pretty Paintings Like the print from the incredible Emily Jeffords
Little Notes I just love the way Jordan wrote my name on that little envelope and always keep right up front because it makes me smile!
Wacom Tablet I love creating with this thing so it rarely leaves my desk.

When it comes to my work space, I like to keep it bright and fun. I make sure to have the things I need to get everything done, but I like to have the most energetic versions of them. Why not, right?

What are your work space essentials?

*Office essentials courtesy of Tiny Prints.