New Ray Ban Erika Sunnies!

I recently ordered a pair of sunglasses and they finally arrived so I thought I would share them with you!

These are the Ray Ban Erika sunnies that I made a post raving about. Having received them, I now love them even more than I previously did. Unfortunately, I cannot wear them until I get my contacts on the 27th, but I love having them as an incentive to stay on top of my eye appointments. They are great quality and are very light, I love the tortoise shell-esque frame, as it matches with anything!

Of course I had to take awkward selfies of myself with them on when I got them. Luckily, I only sent these to my mom. (And now I am sharing them with the world. Joy) I tend to like larger glasses because my face is square in shape. I own a pair of the Ray Ban Classic Wayfarer with prescription lenses, but I do not wear them anymore, I feel like they are too small for my face and don't look right. I think these are the perfect size, and still hold a feminine feel.

What are your favorite style sunglasses to wear this summer?

Xo, Suzanna