New Year, New You // The Year of Fun

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When I welcomed 2016, I mentioned briefly that I wanted to make more time for fun. I tend to work a lot (that's an understatement), and wanted to focus this year of family, friends, and fun! I also wanted to remember that life isn't as perfect as it tends to look on Instagram and in blog posts, so I wanted to work toward embracing that and enjoying it!

When my friends at IZZE reached out and asked if I would work with them on a little New Year post, first I excitedly accepted, and then decided to make this one about me. - But in a way that you could totally make it about you too. Does that make sense?

I really wanted to embrace my new goals for the year, so I whipped up a quick and fun DIY. I turned up the music, and wrote down all the things I want to do in 2016. Little things, big things, things that take time, things I can do today - you name it, I wrote it! I didn't take the time writing them out in calligraphy or having them printed on gorgeous cards. NOPE! I used fun and colorful pens, embraced my less-than-perfect handwriting, and wrote them out as I thought of them!

Then I stuck them all in a little bowl on my desk, and added a few blank cards to the back of the stack. Now, when I'm feeling down or need a reminder to step away from the computer, I can flip through my little cards and choose something to do (or write new ones as I think of them)!

It's so important to step away from technology, go out with friends, have a bbq, go get coffee, and do things outside! (Yes, I REALLY want to go fishing this year!) 

So from one sparkling water lover to another (or not if you don't like sparkling water), here's a photo of me in my daily uniform - jeans and a tee - at my messy desk, cheering you on this year and encouraging you to embrace the imperfections in life. Now get out and do fun things friends!

xo, Suzanna

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