One Little Word 2017 | Okay

One Little Word 2017 - Noodoso

One Little Word 2017 - Noodoso

Each year I set a word for myself. It's usually deep and makes an effort to challenge my daily life. This year I went for something a little different and wanted to share this word with you. I'll also be creating a One Little Word album along with taking a class from Ali Edwards. This word will be the basis of that project.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted my word to be. I went through various "this is THE ONE" type scenarios until one day I was walking with Cody and this word popped into my head. I started thinking about all the ways it affects me or could affect me and without thinking another thought about it, I knew this was my word.

My word this year: Okay

My one little word has different forms: okay, Okay, OKAY, ok, OK, k, etc.

To some it may seem silly, but let me explain. These past few years have been rough for me. I've been through a lot, I've learned a lot, I've experienced a lot, and I've dealt with a lot with my physical and mental health. But through it all I just kept reminding myself "It will all be okay." It's the same phrase Cody and my mom say to me when I'm having a rough day, and the word I use to convince myself of doing things/dealing with things I don't want to.

In 2017 I want to remind myself to say okay to things that scare me, that it's okay to say no to things that aren't right for me, to respond with a simple "okay" when I'm dealing with a less than pleasant situation (aka hold my tongue), that it's okay to venture into the unknown and just trust, and most importantly that it's okay to not be okay.

It can seem like we're living in a world where everything needs to be an exciting yes or a strict no, and that everything in between just means you don't care. I disagree. As someone that has completely lost track of myself for various reasons (mostly related to health), that in between space - that okay space - takes bravery and commitment to get through so you can end up on the other side with an enthusiastic yes.

So as I head into this year with an open mind and a clear heart, I'll be reminded that everything is going to be okay.

(Other words I will be focusing on this year include: intentional, simplify, and give.)

What's your word for the year? Tell me below! Are you participating in One Little Word?

xo, Suzanna