Pasadena Nature

I've always been a photo lover, (I think I owe that to my older sister) but I am far from a photographer. I've always been irritated by people that automatically assume they're a photographer because they have a DSLR camera.

A few years ago I finally got a camera of my own (often called my "big camera" for reasons which I am unsure). I went years using it every once in a while, barely knowing how to turn it on. But within the past year or so I really decided to start using it. Not only using it, but learning how to use it. I love going on photo adventures and taking photos of everything that catches my eye. I guess I would call myself a photography enthusiast - it's a fun hobby. Until a few months ago I was never confident enough to share my photos with anyone, but it has become my favorite thing to do. You guys are so supportive and encouraging!

The other day I took a walk and just wandered around. I was having so much fun taking photos and playing with my different camera settings. So here you are - a little photo diary of sorts!

I had so much fun with this and can't wait to share more in the future! If you have any beginner camera tips for me (I have a Nikon D3100), help a sister out and leave them in the comments below!