Polish Review: Orly Lollipop

If you follow me on Instagram, you will notice that I have been obsessing over this nail polish recently. You know I love a polish when I repaint my nails that color for weeks at a time. I even painted my toes to match, which I never do (I may be a bit biased as purple is also my favorite color, but hey!). Orly's Lollipop is so lovely I had to share it with you guys.

In my mind, this polish is the definition of feminine. At the moment, I am obsessing over white clothing and pastel nail polishes and after painting my toes this color and wearing my pure white MK sandals, I am even more obsessed. I love how dainty it makes my hands look (because I have quite manly/large hands for my height/weight), and the fact that it is a calm color without being boring is just A+!

Shown Above: Two coats, (this is not natural lighting but I honestly
can't remember where I took the picture, sooooooo....)

You can easily get away with one coat of this polish, but if you're like me and like your nail polish to be super opaque then go with two! Another great thing, is that this color will last on your nails for up to a week! Which, if you ask me, that is a pretty great wear time. Overall, I am just in love with this polish formula and the color. Do yourself a favor, and go pick this up or order it on Amazon!

What nail polishes have you been obsessing over recently?

Xo, Suzanna