Yesterday I had an autoimmune flair-up that led to an ER visit. Today, I thought I would share the oils I'm using as I spend the day resting and recovering.

Lemon - After my EKG and heart monitoring, I had little sticky pads all over. When I took them off, the sticky residue was left. I put a drop of Lemon EO and a little bit of coconut oil on a cotton ball, then gently rubbed the sticky area. This removed all residue and left my skin nice and soft.

Lavender & Frankincense - When I have a flair-up, I usually break out in a red bumpy rash on my chest and neck. I mixed a two drops Lavender, two drops Frankincense, and fractionated coconut oil, then applied it to the irritated areas. I also applied this mix to my IV and blood draw spots using a cotton ball. Not only will this reduce the marks left after they heal, it soothes the skin and surrounding areas.

Peppermint - Between the strong pain meds and the little sleep I got, I woke up with quite the headache. I placed a little diluted peppermint oil on the back of my neck to help with the tension.

DigestZen - Since I haven't had much of an appetite and received the IV meds on an empty stomach, I've been nauseous on and off for hours. I put a drop of DigestZen on my tummy whenever the stomach ache comes back and within minutes, I'm feeling like a happy camper!

OnGuard - With a lowered immune system, OnGuard is my best friend when I'm under the weather or having a flair-up. I put two or three drops in a small glass with water and drink away!

Deep Blue - My joints are sore and achy today as a result of yesterday's flair-up. I'm using a combination of Deep Blue blend, touch roller, and rub to sooth my sore muscles.

Sunny Citrus - When I don't feel good or haven't gotten enough sleep, I'm usually not in the best mood. I LOVE the way Sunny Citrus smells and how it lifts my mood. This one will be in the diffuser all day today!

Have suggestions you think I should try? Leave them below, I would love to chat about other ways we can use oils after an ER visit!

xo, Suzanna