Quick Tip | Disguise Puffy Eyes!

Here is a quick makeup tip to help disguise puffy eyes!

Many mornings I will wake up with puffy eyes and after trying oodles and oodles of different products that claim to "reduce puffiness" but did not work, different home remedies (that also did not work), I decided to come up with my own solution. I realized that although I may not be able to get rid of the puffiness before going out, I can disguise them with my makeup.

Tip: By creating a thicker line of eye liner on your top lid, the puff is hidden!

I have personally found that this works best with black liquid eyeliner. If I make a thin line just under the puff, or at the base of the puff, I find it accentuates the bulge and draws more attention to the fact that my eyes are not as open as usual. However, if I create a thicker line, the puff is hidden behind the eyeliner and you cannot even tell it is there!

I hope this tip helps anyone that suffers from puffy eyes, like myself. Let me know if it works for you!

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Xo, Suzanna

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