Recent Style Favorites

It's no secret that I am not very fashionable. I like what I like (super casual, boyfriend jeans and v-neck), and I don't really wear anything else. Honestly, I'm quite proud of that. I cut out everything from my wardrobe that I didn't feel 150% AWESOME in, that I felt wasn't my style, or that I wore because it was "in", and what I was left with was a whole lot of v-necks, jeans, tennis shoes, and my North Face puffy vest. I guess you could say it's my own little style!

I seriously couldn't be happier. So, I'm sharing with you a few of my style favorites. These are things I wear almost every day, and can't get enough of!

White Converse, Alex and Ani Bracelets, Half United Jude Necklaces, LifeProof Case (not quite style, but still can't live without it)

Mint + Rose Espadrilles, Sterling Silver Twisted Ring, Dolan Top (Shockingly not a simple v-neck, one of my absolute favorites, and given to me by my blog bestie Whitney!)

What are your recent style favorites?

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