Setting Achievable Goals

If there's one thing I love doing, it's planning, making lists, and setting goals. (Is that three things? Oops!) The hardest part about setting goals is making sure they're achievable, and that you don't shove your list somewhere and forget all about it. - It happens to the best of us, don't worry. I wanted to share a few tips with you on setting achievable goals that will help your year move forward in a productive and positive way, instead of stressing you out and weighing you down!

Setting Achievable Goals - Noodoso

Set realistic and detailed goals

This is the most important tip in this entire post. Make sure your goals are real and detailed. Instead of writing "get more Instagram followers" or "reach 100,000 pageviews per month", it's much more realistic to write "reach 2200 Instagram followers by March 31st" or "increase pageviews by 100 each month in 2016."

Making your goals realistic and detailed will help you achieve them. If you see your pageviews go up by 97 one month, you're going to feel pretty awesome about how close you were to your goal and how much you achieved, but if you get to the end of the month and you see that your pageviews are no where near your 100,000 pageview goal, the disappointment will set in. - Goals can take a while to achieve. You may not see that 100,000 number by the end of February, but maybe by the end of December you could get pretty close!

Use a planner/journal

Writing down your goals does nothing if you can't find them by the next day! Use a specific journal, a place in your planner, or (if your a technology type person) save the file to your desktop so it's front and center... maybe even use all caps for the file name!


Write down your goal and bold it. Under that goal, write down your ideas or plans of how you are going to reach it. What steps can you take? Are there specific tools you can use? Do you need to buy anything to reach your goal? Elaborate and write as much as you can think of pertaining to that goal. Leave a little space before writing the next one, so you can come back and add notes.

Celebrate little victories

Instead of beating yourself up for not reaching your goal (if you don't reach it, that is), celebrate and reward yourself for what you did accomplish.

At the start of last month I made a goal to make more realistic daily to-do lists. This sounds silly, but before setting this goal, I would load up an entire page of probably a month's worth of tasks and try to get them all done in one day. When I didn't get them done, I felt like I wasn't productive or I was lazy. SO WRONG! I was just being unrealistic. I started off with having 3-4 tasks left over each day - better. Then it went down to 1-2 - even better! Now, I am making daily to-do lists and feeling so awesome when I am able to cross everything off! Instead of being upset that I still had 3-4 left over when first starting, I treated myself to a present because going from 20 left over to 3-4 is pretty dang good if you ask me!

Reference your list often

A list of goals will do nothing for you if you don't reference it. Make a habit of briefly skimming your list every day or every other day to keep your goals and notes fresh in your mind!


After the time period you set for achieving your goal has passed, reflect on what worked and didn't work. Did you reach your goal? How do you feel having accomplished it? or -What stopped you from reaching it?

If you didn't reach your goal, no big deal! Try again next month. Give yourself a new timeline to achieve it and get back to work!

Make it fun!

Do you really think you're going to want to reference something that is the most boring and ugly thing you've ever seen? No. You're going to write it out, put it somewhere, and hope you never have to look at it or touch it again. Trust me, I can relate. Get creative (whatever that means to you)! Use colorful pens, planning/scrapbooking supplies, your favorite font, etc. Add photos - make it your own!

I hope these tips give you a little encouragement or a place to start with your own goals! Remember, it takes time and you've totally got this! Have more tips to share? Go ahead and leave them in the comments below so we can all chat about them!

xo, Suzanna

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