Six Time Saving Business Apps for iPhone + Android

A few weeks ago, I posted Five Lifestyle Apps I Use Daily. Today, I am going to continue that series with Six Business Apps That Save Time (and boost productivity)!

Slack If your business works closely with clients, emailing back and forth for different things, you will love Slack! Using it on the computer is convenient, but having it in an app form, is even easier. Add your clients to your account, and communicate directly with them, without a long string of emails. Send messages, upload files, etc. all from your phone no matter where you are, and it will be shared with your team. Get a $100 credit just for signing up(Available for iPhone and Android for free)

Trello If you're digital list maker, you will love Trello! Basically, you can create different lists for different things, mark when things are in process, completed, etc., move different tasks to different people, share your list with clients so they can add to it, and make notes under each item. Trello is perfect for individuals or teams. (Available for iPhone and Android for free)

PayPal and Stripe These two apps are great for managing your money on the go. PayPal allows you to send and receive money from the app, and complete other necessary tasks. Stripe allows you to see your dashboard, set up a new plan, see a detailed schedule of all activity, and other necessary tasks. If you use the ecommerce portion of Squarespace, this app is so nice to keep on your phone! (Both available for iPhone and Android for free)

HelloSign If you haven't heard of HelloSign before, it is a service that allows you to send documents to clients for a signature, and keeps an audit trail for your records. The app allows you to do everything you can do from your computer, right on your phone. Send contracts, sign documents, and keep track of paperwork on the go! (Available on iPhone and Android for free)

Dropbox I feel like this one is a given. I'm sure you know what Dropbox is and know how handy it is. I use it everyday, mainly for photos, but also for documents. I love the east of transferring something from your phone to your computer or vice versa! If you're like me and don't want to spend the money each month for a bigger plan (I need a lot of space), BitTorrent Sync is another great option that I have started to use instead of Dropbox! (Both are available for iPhone and Android for free)

What are your favorite business apps?