Staying Hydrated with Infused Water

I have the HARDEST time staying hydrated. 1. I'm not the biggest fan of water (it has to be super cold for me to want to drink it), 2. The medication I take leads to dehydration super easily, and 3.  My favorite way to stay hydrated is by drinking infused water. There are SO many different combinations of fruits, vegetables, and herbs you could use, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you.

Staying Hydrated with Infused Water - Noodoso

Lemon / Lime / Basil Strawberry / Blueberry / Mint Orange / Blueberry / Mint Strawberry / Blueberry Strawberry / Lime / Basil Lemon / Lime / Blueberry Orange / Basil / Mint Cantaloupe / Mint Honeydew Melon/ Strawberry / Basil

Like I said though, there are are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of combinations. Way too many to list here, but these are a few of my favorites. I choose what to add based on what's in my fridge at the time, what I'm in the mood for, and what I can find at the grocery store.

I also love that I can switch it up each day if I want to, which makes me feel like I'm drinking something new all the time. Basically, I'm tricking my mind into thinking I'm drinking something other than water. haha!

Staying Hydrated with Infused Water - Noodoso

Staying Hydrated with Infused Water - Noodoso

Staying Hydrated with Infused Water - Noodoso Staying Hydrated with Infused Water - Noodoso

I recently came across Dropbottle and was SO excited when they offered to send me one! I've been searching for a great bottle to use for my infused water and haven't been able to find one I like. I was looking for a simplistic design, no infuser basket thing, and most importantly glass. Surprisingly, that's harder to find than it sounds!

The simplistic design of this bottle fits my style SO well and I've been loving it even more than I expected. The stainless steel infuser is perfect for keeping all the fruits, veggies, and herbs at the bottom so they don't get in the way when I'm drinking, and the versatility of it also makes it great for things like tea and iced coffee on the go!

Staying Hydrated with Infused Water - Noodoso

Do you like infused water? What is your favorite flavor combo? Share your other tricks for staying hydrated below!

xo, Suzanna