Studio Calico Film Club Planner Kit | April 2016

I know, I know it's not April anymore. BUT! I still wanted to give you a look into the April Studio Calico Planner Kit - Film Club. I've been crazy busy these last couple of months and missed sharing March, but you can take a look at February's Savannah Planner Kit if you're curious about what past months have looked like! Studio Calico Film Club Planner Kit - Noodoso


A5 Floral Divider Scripty Words Page Finder 3x4" Vellum Heart Stickers  4x6" Vellum Washi Stickers 4x6" Pink Alpha Sticker 3x4" Stamp Set by Hello Forever 3x4" Vellum Icon Stickers Colored Binder Clips Metal Bookmark Set Pink and Yellow Tassel by Maya Road

Studio Calico Film Club Planner Kit - Noodoso

Studio Calico Film Club Planner Kit - Noodoso

Add-Ons/Other Purchases

Arendal Roll of Die Cut Tickets Lollipop Guild Plastic Tickets Planner Class Kit 3x4" Hydrate Stamp Set

Overall, I was a little underwhelmed by this kit. The stamp set is great and super useful and I love that little black/white bookmark, but everything else seemed a little forced. Unlike previous kits I've received where everything was just awesome in its own way, this kit seemed like they struggled to find things to add so they just put a bunch of stuff together. I know that could totally be personal preference and other people may love this kit, so keep that in mind - I just personally was not the biggest fan.

The add-ons I chose are great. I love those stamp sets and the little tickets are adorable!! I really just bought the Planner Class Kit because I wanted the stamp set, and the whole kit was the regular price of a stamp set so I figured why not!

I'm hoping next month (or this month rather, since it's already May) will be better!

Do you subscribe to the SC Planner Kit? What are your thoughts on the Film Club kit? Are there any other planner/scrapbooking/documenting kits I should check out?

xo, Suzanna