"Moving Madness" First Aid Kit with Welly

This post was sponsored by Welly. As always, all opinions are my own - I will never share products/brands I do not use & love myself. Thank you for supporting Made in Mojave, and the partnerships that make this space possible!

Hello hello there friends! If you’re following along on Instagram with my recent adventures, you probably saw that were currently in the process of moving across the state. All things considered, the move is going extremely smooth right now (knock on wood!) with just one minor injury - a cardboard cut. Yikes!

I’ve partnered with my friends at Welly to share what I’ve included in my “Moving Madness” first aid kit, as I’m calling it. But this can totally be adapted for whatever adventure life throws your way!


I’m calling this my “Moving Madness” first aid kit because that’s its current purpose, but this is just our adventure kit. We use this for a bunch of different things - the contents are super universal and great for adventurers of all ages!

Okay, let’s get to the contents.


All of these products are from Welly and when combined, they make the perfect one-stop-shop for all of our minor injuries. We’re a clumsy bunch, so it gets quite a bit of use.

If you’re not familiar with Welly, you can grab their products here. If you’re already a user and lover of Welly products, I encourage you to get creative - combine those kits, add/remove things, and really make them your own. We each get up to different things and as such, we all have our own first aid needs.

I’d love to know - what are your go-to first aid items for your summer adventures? Are you a Welly user? Let’s chat in the comments below!

xo, Suzanna