Summer Handbag Search

If you follow me on Twitter, you have most likely heard me mention (too many times probably) that I am on the hunt for the perfect summer handbag. I'm not one of those people to buy a new bag for each season, and once I find one I like, I carry it for quite some time. I've been wanting a new bag for a while, and since summer is my favorite season, it only seems fitting that I purchase the perfect summer handbag!

I've been carrying my gorgeous Madewell Mini Transport Crossbody since December when I received it as a Christmas gift from Whit. If I could have the perfect handbag, it would be this bag in a full size. Which is probably why the full-size version in fog has been in my shopping cart since December. I like big bags (and I cannot lie)  because I tend to carry way too much stuff. You never know what you'll end up needing on an adventure, right?? 

Any who, here are the qualifications a bag needs to have:

  • I like a simple exterior design. I usually go for a slightly edgy look or a completely minimal look.
  • I don't like the inside to be complicated. One or two pockets on the side is perfect. I tend to carry all my stuff in little pouches anyway, which makes it simple to change purses or take out what I don't need!
  • I lean toward light colored bags not just during summer, but all year round. I wear a lot of dark colors and I like the contrast that a light bag gives. But, it can't be so light that denim transfer becomes a problem (one of my biggest pet peeves).
  • I'm very picky about material. I would like to pretty much say that I only like leather bags, but I do have a few that are different materials (like canvas). Either way, it has to be a sturdy material. My days sometimes take me to strange places (like in the city one minute and hiking a mountain with no car to leave my bag in the next) and I don't want to have to worry too much about scratches, scuffs, and marks. Leather tends to be pretty sturdy!

Now that you've heard the crazy qualifications I have for handbags, you probably see why it is such a struggle for me to find the perfect one! I've picked a few handbags that are at the top of my list and that I think may (possibly) make the cut!

Skagen 'Karyn' Leather Bucket Bag // Marc by Marc Jacobs Electro Q Hillier Hobo // Fossil Emerson Satchel

I have to admit, there are about seven other handbags also in the running, but at the moment I find myself going back to these three the most. Who knows, I may end up going with something completely different. Maybe black? Or a different style (I have been strangely in love with large clutches recently)? Who knows, but I'll be sure to keep you updated as I form my decision and pick the perfect bag!

What are your handbag qualifications? Let's chat in the comments below, tell me what handbag you've had your eye on!

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