Summer Hike | Big Sur

A couple weeks ago, I went on my first summer hike of the year. A good friend of mine and I both needed a little girl time, so we left the guys at home and headed down the coast.

We went to a little spot in Big Sur that E is familiar with. I've always liked hiking in areas that are a little challenging (not completely flat), but that aren't too challenging (because let's face it, I'm out of shape). Luckily, this spot was perfect! E was able to lead the way, since she had been there multiple times, which made it fun and relaxing. Not to mention, the weather was perfect for this type of activity.

As I am sure you can tell, it was absolutely gorgeous! Cody and I are so excited to go on adventures like this with friends, throughout the summer. If you have the chance to take a hike in Big Sur, don't pass it up. Even if you are out of shape (like me), you will love the scenery and the ease of (some) of the trails.

What are your favorite summer activities?