Tea Towel Wall Hanging DIY

I've been so excited about decorating our new apartment that I've had a million and a half ideas running through my brain. This is one that I have been wanting to do since we moved in and finally got the chance to make it happen - DIY Tea Towel Wall Hanging!

I just want to start off by saying - Cody and I live in an apartment that is not very photogenic. Our cabinets look like they belong in a dorm, the countertops are hideous, and right now there are boxes and mess from our move everywhere. And yes, we did move over 3 months ago, but life happens. Basically, our apartment isn't very blog worthy at the moment. BUT! We are young, we live in an amazing location, and we are determined to make it our own beautiful escape. (Even with that hideous breaker box in the middle of the kitchen wall. Which, I recently decided to pretend doesn't even exist.)

Making this wall hanging is super simple (it took me about 10-15 minutes)! Here's a little run down of what you'll need:

Talk about simple! All you need is a tea towel (I got this one from Anthropologie a while back, but they have SO many others), copper pipe, and some sort of string/rope/twine to hang it with. I'm not giving exact measurements because they will vary depending on the size of your tea towel.

The first step I took was cutting and polishing the copper pipe. Cutting the pipe sounds difficult, but is actually one of the easiest parts! I just picked up a small pipe cutter (it was right next to the copper fittings) and watched a YouTube video on how to work it (I did this in my living room while watching tv - it was that easy)! Polishing is super simple to do with Bar Keepers Friend and a couple paper towels.

Next, wrap the top of your towel around the pipe to measure how large you would like your loop. Mark the spot where the fold will meet. For the next step, I chose to hand sew only the two sides of the towel (not the entire loop) because I didn't want the stitching to show. This works so well because there won't be a lot of weight put on the towel, and it will be leaning against a wall to keep it in place!

Sew the top of the towel down to make a loop on each size of the towel. Put the twine through the pipe, and put the pipe through the loops on the towel. Tie the two ends of the twine and feed the knot into the pipe so it doesn't show. Anddddd, that's it! You're done!!

I'm in love with the outcome and think it is the perfect addition to our kitchen! These would make great housewarming or holiday gifts for friends and family, and the possibilities are endless! If you try this out tag your photos on Twitter or Instagram with #Noodoso so I can see how they turn out!

I can't wait to bring you along on more of our journey to turn our little apartment into a home!

xo, Suzanna

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