The Body Shop | Haul & Mini Review

My mom came up to visit me this past weekend and stayed with me Friday through Monday (hence the lack of posting, I was having too much fun!). It was so nice being able to spend some time with my best girl friend! We did a little shopping while she was here (No surprise there!), and one of the places we made sure to stop in was The Body Shop. Recently, I have become minorly (is that even a word?!) obsessed with The Body Shop and I tend to stalk their website looking for things I just "can't live without" (Can you say drama queen?!)!

To be honest, we originally went into The Body Shop to purchase one item, however, with my shopping habits and googly eyes for every skin care product we ended up leaving with 4 products EACH! (Plus a few samples!) 

Vitamin C Skin Boost, $27

I'll start with the item we went in to pick up, the Vitamin Skin Boost. The bottle reads "Instant smoothing radiance. With vitamin C rich Amazonian camu camu and Community Trade Brazil nut oil." Okay, first of all what the heck is camu camu?! On the website it says amazonian clay, so I'm just going to go with that. This stuff is wonderful. It has taken the place of my Image Vital C Moisturizing Serum and I think I like it more! (Whaaaa?!) Unlike the Image serum, this is something you apply over your moisturizer, not in place of it. It also claims that it works great as a primer for makeup (and it does have that primer texture to it). This scared me at first, having oily skin and all I can only use oil controlling primers (and sometimes those don't even work!), but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this not only doesn't make my face any more oily than normal, but it actually helps control the oil somewhat and keeps my makeup put longer! A+ Body Shop, A+.

Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish, $16.50

This next product is one that I insisted I didn't need, but ended up purchasing anyway, the Facial Cleansing Polish. Let me tell you, I am glad I did. This is a very light exfoliator, so light you might be able to get away using it once a day (if you don't have sensitive skin). The lather on this product is so exceptionally satisfying I wanted to use it twice... in a row. I love that my face feels so clean after using it!

Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz, $18

Now on to a product that I still think might be a bit ridiculous, the Energizing Face Spritz. Now if you can't tell, i am on a vitamin C kick (oops?). The girl working told me exactly this "It's really just a refreshing face spray. I don't think it does anything." Now if that doesn't make you want to buy it, I don't know what will (Someone didn't know their products very well!). Of course, I got this anyway and I am still not quite sure if it does anything for my skin, but it smells good and it is in fact refreshing (So I guess she at least knew SOMETHING.). I will get back to you if I notice any life changing results.

Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo, $23

Oh how I have been longing to find an affordable vitamin C cream especially for my eyes. This Eye Reviver Duo is great! It is a two step process: first, roll on a liquid form all around your eyes then, use the cream right below your eyes. I have noticed a great bit of difference in the past few days I have been using this. Not only are my eyes less puffy (Hallelujah, I have extremely puffy eyes!) , but the skin is also smoother! Sadly I cannot use this during the day because it creases the heck out of my makeup, but I love using it at night. And so the search continues for the perfect day cream! Overall, since using these Vitamin C products I have noticed that my skin looks brighter, more alive, and happier.

I can't forget to mention this adorable little sample I got of the Olive Body Butter which smells HEAVENLY! It is a little too greasy for my liking (As are most body butters), but I have enjoyed this little sample and how wonderful it smells!

What are your favorite products from The Body Shop?

Xo, Suzanna